About Pansari.pk, Pakistan's First Online Pansari Store

PANSARI online store was conceived after a research and realization that how herbal medication is important and how can we connect back to this form of pharmacy which is distant now. This legacy has almost been lost and contemporary pharmacy took over and people preferred opting for speedy results rather than curing their illness in a proper manner and a way which is not harmful in any means. Nature has so much in store for us which can benefit us in marvelous ways. Nothing in this universe is without a worth, and this is what we at PANSARI are working at, to provide quality herbs and remedies to match your illness. Our aim is to bring a revival in the field of medicine and give prominent recognition to the herbs that are precious and can be used in nearly all sorts of diseases and illnesses.  As 25% of the drugs prescribed worldwide are derived from plants then why cannot we take 100% advantage from them?

And after years and years of over medicating and facing temporary results people are beginning to pay more attention to natural and herbal medicine so that the root of the illness could be treated rather than the illness itself. Today, herbs are being used to treat a number of health concerns and conditions, including allergies, arthritis, migraines, fatigue, diabetes and skin infections etc. these herbs are less expensive and they are a safer mean of treatment than conventional medications. Keeping in consideration the interest of people, PANSARI planned a platform where our customers can easily revert back to the traditional idea of medicine.