Loyalty Program

Welcome to Nature’s Love Club

A Customer Loyalty / Reward Program by Pansari.pk


We love our customers!

Team Pansari is delighted to announce its Customer Loyalty Program through which we will be able to give love back to our customers. We believe in Customer Satisfaction and this program is yet another step to make our bond stronger with our customers.

Our customers will be able to earn Beats (Reward Points) through this program and redeem them to get discounts.

What are Beats?

Beats are Reward Points which you can earn. 1 Beat (Reward Point) = 1 Pakistani Rupee, the more Beats you have the more discounts you will get.

How you can earn Beats (Reward Points)?

There are multiple ways your can earn Beats (reward points) and redeem them to avail discounts.

Account Signup:

Welcome to Pansari's Love Club, the perks of being a part of our family.

When you register an account with us you will receive 50 Beats (reward points) (one time).

Complete Profile:

We would like to reward you when you become a part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) Program. This helps us personalize your experience with us at Pansari.

After successful signup when you will fill all the required fields in My Profile area you will get additional 50 Beats (reward points) (one time).

Shopping Points

We appreciate the trust and love you have put in Pansari, as a token of appreciation we would increase your points by adding Beats to your account which you can avail whenever you shop next.

Refunded and Returned orders will not receive Beats (reward points). Beats (reward points) will be added to your account after confirming receipt of your order. Discounts are not eligible to receive Beats (reward points).

Everytime you shop with us you will earn Beats (reward points) which you can redeem in your next order. For every Rs 100 you will spend on our web store you will earn 1 Beat (reward point).

Frequent shopper's Beats will be multiplied by 1.5 and they will be rewarded with a Golden Heart Badge. To achieve the Golden Heart all you need to do is spend Rs 20,000 or above in a years time (i,e 01st January to 31 December for every calendar year) and you will be rewarded with a Golden Heart Badge. The category of your Beats will now be upgraded to Golden Beats.

Write a Review

We never hear to our clients, yes you got that right! We always "Listen" to them. Your reviews, ideas and suggestions are always welcomed by us.

Whenever you drop in a review about our services and products you will earn 5 Beats, doesn't that sounds exciting. (T&C apply - Beats will be added to your account once our team has reviewed and approached your review)

Social Sharing

Have you heard about Sharing is caring, but here Sharing will benefit you too. Share our products and posts on your wall and earn 5 Beats (Reward Points) to your account.

Mobile App Download

Mobile Apps are more user friendly and easy to use. Apps has better user experience and we would like to reward you when you use our App.

On your first purchase from our Mobile App you will receive 100 Beats (reward points one time).

Birthday Points

Birthday is a very special occasion for everyone and we make sure that we make it even more special for you by adding 100 Beats as a Birthday gift to your account, the surprise does not ends here, you will receive an Exclusive 20% discount on all our products for your Birthday.

Anniversary Points

Your relationship with Pansari is dear to us and we never forget to celebrate your anniversary. To make it more special all our customers will receive 100 Beats and an Exclusive 20% discount on all products on the day of your anniversary with Pansari.

Customer's Anniversary will be calculated from the date your This should be You joined us.

Being a part of Nature's Love Club will make your shopping more exciting. Shop more and gain more chances to get the best discounts and deals.

Happy Shopping.