Allure Hydrating Toner for Skin

Allure Hydrating Toner for Skin

  • ایلور جلد ہائیڈریٹنگ ٹونر

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‘Misty Dewy Beautiful Me’

An addition to the skin care products in Pansari, Allure Hydrating Toner for skin. It is an Alcohol-free toner prepared with rose water and a mix of 100% Organic oils that work miraculously on your skin. It replenishes the lost moisture and refreshes the skin. As you apply this  lightweight mist to your skin you will start noticing a beautiful glow. Along with the hydration it restores skin’s natural pH balance and neutralizes surface impurities.

Products used in the preparation of Allure Hydrating Toner:

Rose Water

Some Extra Virgin Oils

Application Method:

Apply the toner on your skin by spraying it all over your face and neck and smoothly rub it so that it gets absorbed evenly. You can leave it on skin as it can be used as a moisturizer too. Allure skin hydrating toner can be used as many times as you wish.

Shake it well before use.

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