Apple Murabba

Apple Murabba (Saib Ka Murabba)

  • سیب کا مربہ

  • Boosts Up The Immunity System
  • Provides Vitality To Your Skin
  • Helps Reducing Wrinkles And Blemishes
  • Helps In Treating Cancer Disease
  • Beneficial For Heart Patients
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The pomaceous fruit Apple is known as the king of fruits owing to the immense health benefits. Apple murabba, also called “Saib Ka Murabba”, prepared from the pulp of apple fruit has the tremendous potential of controlling diseases and supplying the body with essential nutrients, vitamins, protein and phytochemicals.

Apple protects the body from several ailments. It strengthens teeth, produces more saliva, and reduces tooth decay. Apple murabba protects one from bone diseases like bone inflammation, rheumatism, gout and painful arthritis. It is superb for brain and helps in treating cancer disease and heart ailments. Apple murabba is very healthy, moist and satisfying.

Apple murabba is mainly beneficial for heart patients. It increases muscular strength of heart and revitalize heart. Apple murabba is effective cardiac refrigerant. It also acts as cardiac exhilarant. The followings are main healing properties of apple murabba.

  1. Heart tonic

  2. Digestive stimulant

  3. General health tonic

Apple murabba is good for people with weak digestive system and general debility.

Benefits of Apple Murabba:

  • Apple murabba acts as therapeutic agent to treat dysentery in children.
  • It prevents scurvy disease caused with the deficiency of Vitamin C.
  • The high pectin content can allow treat gall bladder diseases.
  • The detoxifying effect of apple murabba helps in eliminating mercury and lead from your body.
  • It fights age related issues like neurodegenerative problems as Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration.
  • Being the rich source of iron, apple murabba helps maintaining hemoglobin level stable. Thereby, it prevents anemia and ensures the supply of oxygenated blood all throughout the body.
  • Apple murabba prevents kidney stones formation.
  • Since apple is rich in antioxidants, so it prevents developing cataract.
  • Apple murabba acts as the superb detoxifier for liver, and boosts up the immunity system.
  • It reduces LDL or bad cholesterol level.
  • As per the researches, consumption of apple murabba may lower the risk of colorectal cancer, food pipe and voice box cancer.
  • Apple murabba provides vitality to your skin. It helps reducing wrinkles and blemishes. Since it is  a good antioxidant, it fights off free radicals in the body and precludes skin aging.

    There are two options of murabba 
    i)- With Syrup , it means the syrup weight included in product quantity equally.
    ii)- Without Syrup , it also has a little bit syrup but less in quantity the product quantity  is more and syrup quantity is less because any type of murabba is made with sugar syrup and without the syrup product rotten fastly.
    All of Murabbas made with sugar and fresh and premium quality procedure and 100 percent organic and chemical and preservative free hygienically.

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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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