Bael Fruit

Bael Fruit (Bel Giri)

  • also known as
    Bael, Bengal Quince, Golden Apple, Japanese Bitter Orange, Stone Apple, Wood Apple
  • Scientific Name: Aegle Marmelos
  • بیل گری
  • بیلگری

  • Excellent For Treating Constipation
  • Effective in the management of arthritis
  • Treatment For Long-Term Diarrhea As Well
  • It Can Control Diabetes
  • Helps In Cholesterol Control Levels
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Bael Fruit/Bel Giri (بیل گری) is hard, woody and smooth with sweet flesh inside that can be consumed fresh or dried. Bael fruit, also known as Bael, Bengal Quince, Golden Apple, Japanese Bitter Orange, Stone Apple, Wood Apple, Aegle Marmelos, contains protein, beta-carotene, vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin and vitamin C. Bael fruit is spherical in shape like a baseball. The bael fruit can certainly consumed raw or even cooked.

Bael fruit (Wood Apple) has a lot of health benefits including

  1. Ripe bael fruit is best of all laxatives and excellent for treating constipation.
  2. The unripe or even half ripe fruit is, the most efficient food treatment for long-term diarrhea as well as dysentery in which there is not any fever.
  3. It is very effective food treatment for peptic ulcer.
  4. Bael fruit juice mixed with honey is used to cure mouth ulcers.
  5. Its use is really good for treating repeated colds as well as respiratory system ailmentssuch as asthma or cold.
  6. Bael fruit is very effective in treating Gastro duodenal ulcers that are the most typical type of gastric ulcers.
  7. It can control diabetes.
  8. It helps in cholesterol control and also reduces blood cholesterol levels.
  9. Bael juice controls triglycerides, serum and tissue lipid profiles.
  10. It is great at managingbacterial and fungal infections.
  11. Bael fruits are rich in vitamin C therefore it really helps to cures scurvy.
  12. Raw bael fruit is very effective in the management of arthritis and also gout. Its pulp combined with hot mustard oil whenever applied to inflamed joints make rest from pain.
  13. Use of Wood apple juice consumed with dry ginger powder and jaggery by the infant mothers helps to produce more milk for the infants.
  14. Using juice regularly can prevent or cure breast cancer.


The ripe fruit shouldn’t be used on a regular basis at a time. Whenever utilized with no break, it creates atony of the intestines or even lacks of normal flexibility as well as major flatulence within the abdomen. The Bael fruit must also not be consumed in excessive at any given time, as extreme consumption may possibly create a sensation of heaviness within the stomach.


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  • Sdate
    Shahzad AliVerified Buyer
    Bael fruit for Joint pains
    My mother is 80 years old. She has joint pain since many years. When she use this beal fruit her joint pain has reduced 75%, This is good product for joint pain but side effect is distributed stomach. Please limited usage for best stomach health.
    Nov 06, 2021 06:27:04