Black Dammar

Black Dammar (Chandras)

  • also known as
  • Scientific Name: Canarium Strictum Roxb
  • چندرس
  • سندرس، کندرو، سندوس

  • Used In Rheumatism, Fever, Cough
  • Relieves From Cough
  • Beneficial For Asthma
  • Best For Epilepsy
  • Used In Chronic Skin Disorders
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Black Dammar/Chandras (چندرس) also known as Sanders and Canarium strictum, is found in moist deciduous to semi-evergreen forests. It grows up to 40 meters tall at altitudes ranging from about 750 to 1400 meters.The leaves of this large canopy tree are bipinnate. It is known for its medicinal and commercial use of the resin it exudates, “Dammar” or “Sambrani”.

Its usage among tribal and folk people for medicinal purposes in different parts of India have been explored through ethno-botanical studies. It is also used in Siddha system of medicine.It is used in rheumatism, fever, cough, asthma, epilepsy, chronic skin disorders.



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