100% Natural Jambolan Vinegar

100% Natural Jambolan Vinegar (Jamun ka Sirka)

  • Scientific Name: Syzygium cumini
  • جامن کا سرکہ

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100% Natural Jambolan Vinegar 

The jamun fruit has more varied uses than any other part of the tree and jamun vinegar has similar properties as the fruit. The fruit is a good source of iron, used as an effective medicine against diabetes, heart and liver trouble. It has properties which prevent excessive urination or sweating and it is also a thirst-retardant and blood-purifier. Medicinally, the fruit is said to astringent. The juice of the ripe fruit or a decoction of the fruit or jambolan vinegar can be administered in cases of enlarged spleen, chronic diarrhoea and urine retention. Apart from containing oxalic and tannic acids and certain alkaloids, jamun is also rich in carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. Sugarcane vinegar is made from fermented sugarcane extract and is used mostly in Philippine cooking. It ranges from yellow to golden brown in colour and has a mellow flavour, similar in some respects to rice vinegar, though with a somewhat fresher taste.

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