Aansa’s Beyouthful Beauty Mask

Aansa’s Beyouthful Beauty Mask

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 Ageing is a process in which connective tissues reduce the collagen and elastin in the skin due to which fine lines and wrinkles appear. Exposure to the sun and pollution also play an important part in skin ageing. Sometimes large pigmented spots also occur on skin. Science has proved that the modern era has found the ways to reverse this process. Firstly stress management and daily routine should be streamlined so that you can focus towards a healthy lifestyle. And secondly comes the treatment which can be opted for external uses which can help you slower the process of ageing.

There are many anti ageing products in the market which are neither pocket friendly nor chemical free. Aansa’s Beyouthful Beauty Mask is a product that has been designed in a manner that can give you maximum results without being a burden on your pocket. There is nothing better than natural remedial processes. The organic products used in the making of this mask leaves the skin supple soft and you will feel the elasticity back in a better


You can use Aansa’s Beyouthful Beauty Mask twice or thrice in a week. Mix the ingredients with rose water and raw milk apply it on your skin for 20 mins. Once it dries rub it off in circular movements and then Wash off with cold water.  


Rice Flour, Crushed Coconut, Coconut Milk, Almond

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