Celery Seeds

Celery Seeds (Tukhm-e-Qarfas)

  • Scientific Name: Apium Graveolens
  • تخم قرفس

  • It Has A Cancer Fighting Ability
  • Helps In Managing The Blood Pressure Levels
  • Protects Liver From Harmful Effects
  • Reduce The Cholesterol Level
  • Helps In Treating Inflammation Of The Joints
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Celery is a member of the parsley family of plants and there are many health benefits of celery seeds. Celery is commonly grown in several parts of the world. Celery is a kind of vegetable and is used in various dishes and as a nutritional food. It is bitter and sometimes sour in taste. It is crispy and crunchy in taste. The Celery seed/Tukhm-e-Qarfas (تخم قرفس) also known as Apium Graveolens, is obtained by drying the celery fruit. The celery seeds have less calorific value and are high in nutrition. It has several medicinal properties as well.

Health Benefits of Celery Seeds includes,

  1. It has a cancer fighting ability.
  2. It helps in managing the blood pressure levels.
  3. It protects liver from harmful effects.
  4. Benefits of celery seeds include the ability to reduce the cholesterol level.
  5. Celery seeds are also used to cure circulatory system problems.
  6. Celery seeds helps in treating pain and inflammation of the joints. Having celery seeds everyday helps in curing inflammation related ailments such as gout, rheumatism as well as arthritis.
  7. Celery seeds stimulate the uterus and helps in easing muscle spasms, especially related to the female reproductive system.
  8. Celery seeds are helpful in easing menstrual cramps and pains. If women have it on everyday basis then it really eases the symptoms of menstrual discomfort.
  9. Celery seeds are diuretic in nature. Because celery seeds are diuretic in nature they are recommended to people with kidney stones, water retention, as well as gout.
  10. Celery seeds are antibiotic as well as antiseptic in nature. These properties are excessively essential in curing many kinds of infection in the body. Celery seeds are especially useful in curing infection of the urinary tract. Celery seeds are used  to treat bladder ailments, kidney troubles and cystitis.


  1. Pregnant women should avoid using celery seed because it may lead to uterine bleeding and muscle contractions in the uterus, which could cause miscarriage.
  2. People with active kidney inflammation should not take celery seed.
  3. People with low blood pressure should use caution when considering taking celery seed.
  4. Some people who are allergic to birch pollen may also be allergic to celery seed.
  5. Some of the chemicals in celery stems and seeds can cause the skin to become very sensitive to the sun's UV rays.
  6. Possible interactions
  7. Taking large doses of celery seed can cause depression, fatigue and slow heartbeat.

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