Cinnamon (Dar Chini)

  • Scientific Name: Cinnamomum Verum
  • دار چینی

  • Helps Defend Against Cognitive Decline
  • Protects Brain Function
  • Helps Lower Cancer Risk
  • High Source Of Antioxidant.
  • Fights Infections & Viruses.
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Cinnamon/Dar Chini (دار چینی) is a powerful spice that has been used medicinally around the world for thousands of years. It is also known by its scientific name Cinnamomum Verum. It is still used daily in many cultures because of its widespread health benefits, not to mention its distinctly sweet, warming taste and ease of use in recipes. The unique smell, color, and flavor of cinnamon is due to the oily part of the tree that it grows from.

According to researchers, out of twenty-six of the most popular herbs and medicinal spices in the world, cinnamon actually ranks #1 in terms of its protective antioxidant levels!

Health benefits:

  1. High source of antioxidant.
  2. Contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Protects heart health.
  4. Fights diabetes.
  5. Helps defend against cognitive decline & protects brain function.
  6. May help lower cancer risk.
  7. Fights infections & viruses.
  8. Protects dental health & freshens breath naturally.
  9. Can help prevent and cure candida.
  10. Benefits skin health.
  11. Helps fight allergies.
  12. Can be used to sweeten recipes without added sugar.
  13. Can be used as a natural food preservative.


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