Long Pepper

Long Pepper (Filfil Daraz)

  • also known as
    Pipli, Pippali
  • Scientific Name: Piper Longum
  • فلفل دراز
  • پیپل پیپلی, مگھان

  • Cleanses The Blood (alternative)
  • Treats Cough, Asthma And Hiccups
  • Reduces Gas And Bloating
  • Treats Respiratory Infections And Disorders
  • Reduces Fever
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Long pepper/Filfil Daraz (فلفل دراز, پیپل پیپلی, مگھان) also called Indian long pepper, Pipli, Pippali and Piper Longum is a flowering vine. It is a fragrant plant which has soft stem that climbs on other plants or spread on ground. Its branches are thin and hairy. It bears dark green colour leaves  which are soft, smooth, glossy, 2-4 inch long and 1-2 inch wide and heart-shaped leaves. It looks similar as the pan leaves. They are alternatively arranged and has pointed tips. The leaves have very prominent veins. It bears flowers which are unisex; consisting of both male and female flowers. As other peppers, the plant bears berries which are long and shapes like elephant trunk. It has same size as a match stick. When unripe the fruit is green and turns light red when ripe and dark dusty when dried.

The whole plant is usable especially its berries and the roots. The root contains piperine, steroids, glycosides, piplartine and piperlongumine. It is bitter, hot and warm in nature. Long pepper has multi use; some of them are listed below.

Uses of Long Pepper:

  1. Long pepper is mostly used in the cooking of non-vegetarian items like Biryanis, kababs and many others.
  2. Long pepper is widely used to prepare vegetable pickles.
  3. It is widely used in Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines.

Health benefits:

  1. Cleanses the blood (alterative)
  2. Increases digestion
  3. Reduces gas and bloating
  4. Detoxifies the body
  5. Rejuvenative (especially for the lungs)
  6. Treats cough, asthma and hiccups
  7. Treats respiratory infections and disorders
  8. Reduces fever
  9. Benefits anemia
  10. Treats skin disorders
  11. Beautifies the complexion
  12. Reduces hemorrhoids
  13. Anti-parasitical
  14. Anti-microbial
  15. Benefits liver, gallbladder and spleen issues
  16. Treats menstrual disorders such as amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea
  17. Reduces Vata Nervous System disorders (anxiety, fear, worry, etc)
  18. Enhances the memory and intellect (medhya)
  19. Useful in  arthritis (especially gout and Rheumatoid Arthritis)
  20. Increases circulation
  21. Increases sperm mobility
  22. Increase the sexual potency (both men and women); treats impotence, low libido and premature ejaculation
  23. Increases fertility (both men and women)
  24. Useful in weight loss therapy
  25. Benefits sciatica
  26. Benefits insomnia
  27. Useful in epilepsy
  28. Reduces tumor formation
  29. Enhances the actions of other herbs when taken together

Sides effects:

Long pepper is very useful and beneficial, yet it accompanies certain side-effects with it; some of them are listed below;

  1. Pregnant and lactating women should consume long pepper in limited quantities as over intake can be harmful due to its hot nature.
  2. It should be medicated under a medical supervisor as it can even lead to skin rashes and other allergies.
  3. It may also cause intestinal inflammation and raise in body temperature.

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