100% Pure Bairi (Sidr) Honey

100% Pure Bairi (Sidr) Honey (Bairi Shehad)

  • بیری شہد

  • Relieves From Liver Problems,
  • Treats Stomach Ulcers,
  • Used To Treat From Respiratory Infections,
  • Helps To Treat Digestive Problems, Constipation
  • Beneficial For Eye Diseases,
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This exotic honey is almost liquid gold for health. With a very minimum moisture content this honey is thick and super nutritious. Loaded with multiple health benefits, its believed to prevent the most deadly diseases. Bairi Honey is especially useful for diabetic diseases. Use of bairi honey prevents diabetes as well as it helps to eliminate it. Continuous usage of Bairi honey boosts the male fertility system and is a good prevention from various diseases.

Health Benefits Of Bairi Honey:

Bairi Honey helps treating following conditions,

  • Liver problems,
  • Stomach ulcers,
  • Respiratory infections,
  • Diseases resulting from malnutrition,
  • Digestive problems, constipation,
  • Eye diseases,
  • Infected wounds and burns, surgical wounds (incl. C-section),
  • Promoting speedy recovery after childbirth,
  • Facilitating menstruation,
  • In combination with various herbs can be used against epilepsy,
  • Strengthening the immune systems,
  • Promoting general health and vitality

How To Use?

For daily usage, it is recommended to take one teaspoon of Bairi Honey every morning on empty stomach. It can be taken separately, mixed with other juices or warm water and can also be sprinkled on sweet treats or desserts.

Some more ways to use are given below,

  • General health – take one teaspoon 2 - 3 times a day

  • Burns, cuts, wounds, bruises and lacerations – apply topically (i.e. directly on the place affected)

  • To bring lustre to the face – mix equal parts of olive oil, honey and almond oil (which can then be stored in a jar). Apply the mixture to the face and leave for 15 – 20 minutes before washing off.

  • To reduce bed wetting – the child (or patient) should empty their bladder and then take one teaspoon of honey before going to sleep.

  • To rejuvenate hair – mix ½ cup of honey and ¼ cup of olive oil, massage into the scalp. This will get the nutrients into the roots of the hair. Leave for 30 minutes to an hour and then wash off.


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