100% Pure Ginger Infused Honey

100% Pure Ginger Infused Honey (Adrak Ka Shehad)

  • ادرک کا شہد

  • Increases The Production Of White Blood Cells
  • Possess antibacterial action
  • Helpful In Treatment Of Flue
  • Helps To Promote Digestion Process
  • Reduces The Pain Associated With Sore Throat.
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It is well known that honey has very good medicinal values. Its medicinal properties are valuable in treatment of various ailments that respond slowly to antibiotics and other drugs. Combination of honey with other herbs is found to give even more interesting benefits. Here is an overview of health benefits of honey and ginger.

Antibacterial and antifungal action:

Both ginger and honey possess antibacterial action due to their inherent components. Thus, they serve as best remedy for bacterial infections such as sore throat. Certain compounds present in ginger are found to exert antiviral action too that is helpful in treatment of flu.

Analgesic action:

Ginger serves as a natural painkiller and thus reduces the pain associated with sore throat.

Antioxidant action:

Polyphenols present in honey remove toxins and free radicals present in the body and promote general health. Ginger is also found to contain about 12 antioxidants. Hence, combination serves as a strong detox drink.

Improves Digestion:

Honey and ginger tonic helps to promote digestion process. The digestive properties of ginger and the antioxidants serve as an excellent remedy for those with weak digestive system.

Boost Immunity:

A vital health benefit of honey and ginger is that it increases the production of white blood cells which serve to boost the functioning of immune system.


How to use?

1 teaspoon once in a day at night


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