Bitter Ginger

Bitter Ginger (Narakchur)

  • also known as
    Pinecone Ginger
  • Scientific Name: Zingiber Zerumbet
  • نرکچور

  • It Is Good To Prevent Cancer
  • It Can Increase Appetite
  • Helps To Burn Body Fat And Lose Weight
  • Increase Metabolism.
  • Can Help Moisturize The Skin
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Bitter ginger/Narakchur (نرکچور) is also known as pinecone ginger and Zingiber Zerumbet because it is looks like ginger. It has lots of benefits including,

  1. It is good to prevent cancer, because it is able to inhibit and prevent the growth of cancer cells in our body.
  2. It can increase appetite.
  3. Increase metabolism.
  4. It can help to burn body fat and lose weight.
  5. Good for treating diarrhea and dysentery.
  6. Improve digestion and stomach ache.
  7. Can help moisturize the skin.
  8. Toothache
  9. It can be used as shampoo to wash hairs.

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