Aansa’s Peppi Cool Foot Scrub

Aansa’s Peppi Cool Foot Scrub

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‘Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet’

Various health conditions or disorders cause cracked and rough heels and toes. Though it is a very common issue but can become worse and painful if it is not treated properly. You may find many medicines in regards in the market which claim to heal cracked heels and toes but since they contain high amount of chemical formulas they can even harm sensitive skin. Cracks get worse over time as they get deeper. Since there are no oil glands around our feet skin, we need to be extra pampering towards them as they need our regular attention and special care. This dryness causes the skin to crack.

Aansa’s Peppi Cool Foot Scrub is a finest exfoliating foot scrub that is invigorating and refreshing. This scrub will soften skin and will give you a soothing effect as it releases a fresh heavenly scent. It helps to heal rigid and dry skin, thus preventing cracking on the soles of the feet.


Wash your feet with lukewarm water. Take an adequate portion of Aansa’s Peppi cool foot scrub, mix with 1 tbsp of serum and water as required to make a thick paste and massage on your feet in circular motions, this will help you remove the dead skin as well as it will soothe your feet and give you a relaxed feel. Apply this scrub twice or thrice a week for better results.



Sugar, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil

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