Chaksu Seeds

Chaksu Seeds (Chaksu)

  • also known as
  • Scientific Name: Cassia Absus
  • چاکسو
  • چاکسو کے بیج

  • Treating Common Cough
  • Used For Curing Many Skin Diseases
  • Treating Urinary Bladder Problems
  • Treating wounds And Sores
  • Treatment For Eye ailments
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Chaksu seeds (چاکسوچاکسو کے بیج) is a very useful and healthful medicinal herb. It is also known as Jasmejaaz, Cassia Absus. It belongs to the Caesalpiniaceae family. It's seeds can be used in powder, juice or decoction form.

Health Benefits:

  1. These seeds are highly effective in treating common cough.
  2. The oil can be used for curing many skin diseases.
  3. It is an effective home remedy for treating urinary bladder problems.
  4. Suffering from purulent conjunctivitis? Use Chakus seeds to cure it fast.
  5. Treating wounds and sores with Chaksu seeds is very common in various part of asian countries.
  6. Diuretic formulations are prepared by using this wonderful herbal plant seeds.
  7. Eye lotions are prepared using Chaksu seeds.
  8. It is an effective herbal treatment for eye ailments such as trachoma, ulcers, cataract and polyps.
  9. Pus formation and watering of eyes and many other eye infections are treated with Chaksu seed based medicines.

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