China Root

China Root (Chob Cheeni)

  • also known as
    Chinese Smilax
  • Scientific Name: Smilax China
  • چوب چینی

  • It Is Used For Various Skin Diseases.
  • Used To Treat Cases Of Paralysis
  • Used As For Treatment Of Detoxification
  • Used For Treatment Of Tumors
  • Helpful In Improving Muscle Mass And Body Strength
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China Root / Chob Cheeni (چوب چینی) has been used for ages in various tribal and folk medicine for a large number of health issues. Technically called Smilax china, Chobchini is hailed as a wonder medicine in Ayurveda and Unani too.

Herbal and Unani doctors prescribe China Root for white discharge or leukorrhea in women. It has been found to be quite effective in controlling the problem. China root contains several medicinal properties including control of swellings (anti-inflammatory), removal of pus from wounds, promotion of urine (diuretic), bringing down high body temperature, removing gas (flatulence) and clearing bowels.

The rhizome of China root can be used in the form of powder or paste, cooked or raw. The daily intake of the rhizome should not exceed 10 grams a day, as heavy dosage may result in nausea and vomiting. Pregnant and lactating women should avoid China root formulations as it may affect their health.


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