Cinnamon & Cardamom Infused Honey

Cinnamon & Cardamom Infused Honey

  • دار چینی اور الایچی کا شہد

  • It is great for curing and preventing digestive issues
  • Treat sore throats by naturally reducing irritation
  • Great for your heart
  • Natural cancer prevention
  • It has antidepressant properties
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Cinnamon and Cardamom are such good flavor friends that they're often paired together in recipes from savory (like curry) to sweet (like apple pie). Presenting you the mixture of two highly rich antioxidants, Cinnamon And Cardamom with Honey. 

Consuming Cinnamon & Cardamom Infused Honey on a regular basis can boost your immune system and protect you from foreign bacteria and viruses. Both the ingredients are a rich source of antioxidants and have antibacterial properties. It can help to improve the digestive system and fight various stomach related ailments.



  • Improves your hair and scalp health

  • Enhances your digestive health 

  • Soothe a sore throat 

  • Has Antibacterial Properties

  • It Reduces Depression

  • Enhances your oral health

  • An asthma remedy

  • It can lower your blood pressure, prevent hypertension, and lower your heartbeat to a more controlled pace.


How to Use:


  • Add 1 tbsp to glass of warm milk

  • Add 1 tbsp to hot water

  • Mix it into Your Tea




Cardamom, Cinnamon & Phalai Honey

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