Colchicum Bitter

Colchicum Bitter (Suranjan-e-Talkh)

  • Scientific Name: Colchicum Autumnale
  • سرانجن تلخ

  • Used To Relieve The Pain
  • Used To Relieve Inflammation Of Acute Gout
  • Also Used In Arthritis
  • ReduceS Pain And Swelling
  • Beneficial In Relieving Allover Pain
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Colchicum Bitter / Suranjan-e-Talkh (سورنجان تلخ) also known as Colchicum Autumnale, is a herb with very narrow leaves, broadening towards the tip, brownish fleshy underground stems, large yellow flowers and fruits with recurved tips.

The chief constituent of colchicum is the alkaloid, colchicines, which occurs in the form of yellow flakes, crystals or as whitish yellow amorphous powder. Its odor resembles the hay when dampened and warmed.

The active principle colchicines contained in the corms is beneficial in relieving pain and inflammation of gout. Clinical experiments with colchicum in small doses over a long period have shown success in about 60 percent of patients. The seeds, chiefly the rind also contain colchicines, and may be used in the treatment of gouts in the same manner as the corms.

Colchicum bitter is used to relieve the pain and inflammation of acute gout, arthritis and rheumatism. Colchicum bitter is poisonous and applied externally to reduce pain and swelling.


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