Common Mallow

Common Mallow (Khubazi)

  • also known as
    Button Weed, Cheese Plant, Cheese Weed, Dwarf Mallow, Round Leaf Mallow
  • Scientific Name: Malva Sylvestris
  • خبازی

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Common mallow/Khubazi (خبازی) also known as Button Weed, Cheese Plant, Cheese Weed, Dwarf Mallow & Round Leaf Mallow, is an annual or biennial member Malva Neglecta of the Mallow family (Malvaceae) that reproduces by seed. Emerging from a short, straight taproot, round leaved mallow develops stems up to 12 inches long. Leaves and young shoots of common mallow are edible raw or cooked. They have a mild pleasant flavor, and are said to be highly nutritious.

Medicinal Uses:

All parts of common mallow are astringent, laxative, urine-inducing, and have agents that counteract inflammation, that soften and soothe the skin when applied locally, and that induce the removal (coughing up) of mucous secretions from the lungs.

Other Uses:

Cream, yellow and green dyes can be obtained from the plant and the seed heads. The root has been used as a toothbrush.


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