Dried Cheer Pine

Dried Cheer Pine (Behroza Khushk)

  • also known as
    Dried Long Leaf Pine, Dried Behroza
  • Scientific Name: Pinus Longifolia Roxb
  • بہروزہ خشک

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The Dried Cheer Pine / Behroza Khushk (بہروزہ خشک) also known as Pinus longifolia, is considered stimulant, diaphoretic and useful in burning of the body, cough, fainting, and ulcerations, it is generally used in combination with other medicines.

The oleo-resin or crude turpentine is used in the preparation of plasters, ointments, and pastilles for fumigation. It is applied to buboes and abscesses for promoting absorption. The following is an example of a pastille containing crude turpentine.


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