Madras Leaf Flower Seeds

Madras Leaf Flower Seeds (Tukhm-e-Kanucha)

  • Scientific Name: Phyllanthus Madarpetensis
  • تخم کنو چہ

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Madras Leaf-Flower is an erect or spreading subshrub, growing to only 50 cm tall, well-branched and hairless. Madras Leaf Flower Seeds/Tukhm-e-Kanucha (تخم کنو چہ) also known as Phyllanthus Madarpetensis.

The pharmacological actions of madras leaf flower seeds are anti-diarrhoeal, anti-dysenteric, anti-gonorrhoeal, aperient, astringent, carminative, demulcent, deobstruent, diaphoretic, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, glutinous, intestinal tonic, laxative, sedative, stomachic tonic, suppurative.


Its inhalation may cause headache.


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