Multani Mitti & Husn-e-Yousf

Multani Mitti & Husn-e-Yousf

  • ملتانی مٹی اور حسن یوسف

  • Works Wonder As An Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Helps Revitalize Your Skin
  • Helps Removes Dirt Particles From Skin
  • Leave The Skin Supple Soft, Glow And Radiant
  • Helps Improve Skin Complexion
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Whether you have dry, dull or acne-prone skin, Multani Mitti (ملتانی مٹی) face pack is a for sure skin saviour. It is an excellent skin cleansing agent which removes all the dirt, oil and grime while its high absorbing properties leave the skin feeling soft and radiant.

Husn-e-Yousuf (حسن یوسف) has natural properties for revitalizing skin and wrinkles on different body parts. It works a whitening agent for skin too.

When combined, multani mitti & husn-e-yousuf works wonder as an anti-aging treatment. This face pack helps revitalize your skin by preventing premature aging process. It eliminate dark spots and helps improve skin complexion. Its beady texture helps removes dirt particles from skin and leave the skin supple soft, glowy and radiant.

How To Use?

  • To 2 tbsp of Multani Mitti & Husn-e-Yousuf pack, add rose water and fresh milk as required to make a thick paste.


  • Mix them well and apply evenly on your face, leave it until it dries.
  • Spray rose water all over your face, smoothly rub it for few minutes so it exfoliates.
  • Wash it off with cold water.


This blend helps improve complexion and slow down ageing process.

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