Mustard Straw

Mustard Straw (Sarson Ki Khali)

  • Scientific Name: Brassica
  • کھلی سرسوں
  • سرسوں کی بھوسا

  • Beneficial In Cancer
  • Helps Maintain Cardiac health
  • It Promotes Healthy Skin And Hair
  • Effects On The Nerves
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Mustard is a versatile cruciferous vegetable which belong to the Brassica family just like broccoli and cabbage. Native to the temperate areas of Europe, it was amongst the earliest grown crops in the region. From about thousands of years, mustard plant has been quite popularly cultivated in North Africa, Asia and Europe more like an herb was even popular amongst the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Health benefits of mustard include relief from muscular pains, psoriasis, ringworm, contact dermatitis and respiratory disorders. Since earlier times, different parts of mustard plant have been proven beneficial in cancer, diabetes, and detoxification of the body. It has poison repelling qualities, exerts therapeutic effects on the nerves and helps maintain cardiac health. It promotes healthy skin and hair, lowers cholesterol and is a wonderful botanical for women during menopause.

Mustard Straw/Sarson Ki Khali (کھلی سرسوں, سرسوں کی بھوسا) is scientifically known as Brassica.

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