Neem Tablets

Neem Tablets

  • نیم کی گولیاں

  • Anti-Viral
  • Used For Oral Health
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Treats Arthritis
  • Prevents Cancer
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Neem, The medicine cabinet in a tree

The benefits of this thousand years old tree are never hidden from any generation. Neem is widely used to support healing.  A healthy addition to Pansari’s Supplements ‘Neem Tablets’ which will help you boost your immune system, give you a fairer glowing complexion, improves digestion, help you have healthy skin, nails, teeth and scalp, it is an excellent blood purifier and helps regulate blood sugar levels too. Hence, the phenomenal benefits from neem are uncountable. Let nature serve you in the best way.


Some of the best ways you can use Neem Tablets to achieve excellent health are:

  • Antiviral

Neem has antiviral properties and the use of these tablets prevent the viral diseases to distribute to other regions of the body.

  • Antibacterial

The antibacterial properties of neem have been known since ages and it is commonly used as an antibacterial agent in all races and cultures. It has the strong tendency to cure skin irritations and infections, bacterial or fungal infections get cured completely.

  • Oral health

Since neem comprises of antiseptic compounds it is very beneficial for oral health too. You can easily find neem extracts in tooth pastes, mouth washes etc reason being that it cures all sorts of oral infections and keeps your mouth in a healthy condition. It cures bacteria that causes mouth ulcers, cavities and gum diseases.

  • Treats arthritis

Neem is proved to be the best botanical treatment for osteoarthritis. It helps patients suffering from arthritis to cure their pain for a long time.

  • Regulates blood sugar levels

Consumption of neem tablets on a daily basis helps regulate the blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients should add neem tablets to their diets daily to live more healthily.

  • Prevents cancer

The antigens found in neem help create higher quantities of an immune antibody helping for shielding against cancer.



2 tablets a day one in the morning and one in the night.


Neem tablets should be avoided in pregnancy. Women trying to conceive should not use neem tablets. People with weaker stomach or intestinal irregularities should not take neem tablets.

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