Pansari's Coffee Beans Oil

Pansari's Coffee Beans Oil

  • Scientific Name: Coffea
  • روغن کافی بینز

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Coffee Bean Oil


Coffee bean oil is a highly aromatic oil with a strong, rich aroma of roasted coffee. Coffee bean oil is packed with antioxidants which helps to protect your skin from free radical damage and these antioxidants help to fight against the aging process.Coffee bean oil has similar effects on the skin as the anti-aging skincare ingredient hyaluronic acid. Coffee seed oil can increase collagen and elastin, making the skin look younger and feel firmer.


Coffee bean oil can also help to keep the skin hydrated by reducing transepidermal water loss and locks the skin moisture. The coffee bean oil has the same PH level as the human skin,a little bit on the acidic side. In fact the skin is covered with "acid mantle," which helps maintain the skin’s PH, prevent infections, seal in moisture, and keep skin firm. However, as we age the acid mantle diminishes and the skin becomes less acidic, leaving it more prone to dryness, infections, radical damage, wrinkles and fine lines.


The long term use of coffee oil helps maintain a healthy PH balance.


Benefits and  Uses of Coffee Bean Oil for Skin


Minimize Cellulite


Coffee bean oil has high amounts of Vitamin E and other essential nutrients help to soothe skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite. 


Control Puffiness of Eyes /Reduces Puffy eyes and dark circles


The caffeine in Coffee Bean Oil  stimulates the skin to calm down and controls puffiness which makes eyes look brighter.


Build Natural Collagen


Coffee Bean Oil is packed with caffeine and essential fatty acids that will help build natural collagen and elastin. This will give younger-looking, smoother skin, and is known to be used especially to tighten skin around eyes.it a powerhouse for keeping a youthful appearance.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Coffee bean oil has anti-inflammatory properties, this will help calm inflamed acne and remove bacteria from the skin.


Carrier Oil for Natural Perfumes


Coffee bean oil can also be used as a carrier oil for oil based natural perfumes.


Skin care Ingredient


Coffee bean oil is considered a safe, nontoxic and non-irritating oil for use in cosmetics and skin care formulations.


Cure for Eczema and Psoriasis


Coffee bean oil can be used topically for Eczema, Psoriasis.


Promotes Hair Growth

Coffee bean oil  is highly beneficial for your hair. It nullifies the effects of DHT which is the prime cause of abnormal hair loss in both men and women. It prevents damaging of the hair and promotes hair growth.


Fights Hair Loss

Coffee helps stimulate hair follicles which fight hair loss and make your hair thicker and stronger.


Improves Hair Texture


Coffee bean oil is also good for Dry, Brittle and Damaged Hair. Coffee bean oil helps to strengthen your hair and make hair smoother and softer. Coffee bean oil is useful for treating dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair.


Improves Blood Circulation

The grainy texture of coffee helps improve the blood circulation in the scalp. Rubbing it thoroughly onto the scalp will promote blood circulation and help in hair growth.


Exfoliates the Scalp

Whenever you feel that your scalp is oily and greasy, use a coffee hair mask. Washing your hair with coffee will also keep it clean and fresh. Coffee helps remove the dead skin cells and augments the growth of new hair follicles which helps in strengthening the roots of the hair.


Reduce Swelling cause by Insect bite


This oil also helps to soothe pain from insect  bite and being anti-inflammatory, this will help to calm redness or swelling from the bite.



Helps Reduce Anxiety


The fragrance of coffee bean oil has been used to soothe anxiety and feelings of depression. Unlike Coffee Essential Oils, this carrier oil has a lighter, calmer scent. 


Best for Nasal Congestion 


The aroma from coffee bean oil also helps clear nasal passageways.


Relaxes Tense Muscle

Coffee bean oil is a good massage oil which relaxes and calms nerves, tense muscle or joint pain that you might be experiencing.


Precaution:  This oil is best mixed with other carrier oils which suits your skin as it may clog pores if used alone.




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