Pansari's Extreme Hair Fall Bundle

Pansari's Extreme Hair Fall Bundle

  • Helps recover from Extreme Hair Falls
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Pansari's Hair Growth Oil
  • Aansa's Luscious Locks Organic Shampoo
  • Aansa's Loverly Locks Mask
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Pansari’s 100% Pure Organic Special Hair Growth Oil Benefits And Usage:

Pansari’s Hair Growth Oil, a combination of organic oils and herbs for all those people who are suffering from extreme hair loss and damaged hair problems. This oil is for both men and women to promote hair growth and health. In a very short time the regular use of this oil you will observe noticeable results. It starts re-growing hair in the affected area or patch and make the roots stronger. Makes hair shinier, long, thick and strong.

Hair Care:

Hair care is a very important and a major part of our beauty regime. Taking care of your hair is important as it enhances the beauty. Voluminous hair gives good look along with a boost in personality. In rushing hours, where looking good in health and attire has become a need, you  are forgetting the most important part of your look and that is the beauty of your luscious locks.

With some minor efforts you can regain the beauty and health and maintain it on a longer run in which oiling  plays a very important role. It is a common misconception that oiling only helps people with normal or dry hair type. On the contrary, oiling helps in  balancing oil production in the scalp for people with oily hair, while keeping the hair conditioned and healthy.

Oiling your hair is one of the best workout for your locks to grow and gain strength. Although the method of applying and usage of oil has evolved, oiling for long and strong hair is still followed from the ancient times.


Apply a generous amount of Pansari's Hair Growth Infused Oil to the scalp and gradually coming towards the ends. Massage gently so that the oil absorbs evenly in your scalp and hair. Leave it for at least two hours and then wash off. You can even apply this oil overnight. Regular application will give you good results. Apply this oil thrice a week.

Aansa's Lovely Locks Mask

Who among us have never faced the traumatic hair fall nightmare? All of us, at some point, we start to worry that our hair might be falling too much. Hair thinning in women or pattern baldness is heeded substantially on the top and the crown area. Balding starts with the widening of the center  hair part. Hair thinning, falling, dandruff, dull hair, always have a cause, either poor diet patterns, it is genetically transferred and even the pollution in our surroundings. But not to be denied, lovely luscious hair is a what everyone wants. A healthy balanced diet and a little bit of pampering will surely give you the best results.

Aansa’s Lovely Locks Mask is specially prepared for all those who are suffering from baldness, dullness, dandruff or hair fall. It is prepared with best quality products to give you maximum results which include Honey, Cinnamon and Olive Oil. This mask penetrates into the skin of the scalp and help nourish your hair. The best diet supplement specially designed for your beautiful hair.


Apply a generous amount of Aansa’s Lovely Locks Mask on the scalp and gradually coming to the ends of hair. Massage gently so that it covers over all and absorbs. Wash after 10 to 20 minutes with lukewarm water. Use this mask twice or thrice a week for better results.


Olive Oil, Honey, Cinnamon, Aloe Vera Gel

Aansa's Luscious Locks Organic Shampoo


Wet your hair tresses with warm water and take an adequate amount of Luscious Locks Shampoo and gently massage your hair with it. Work the shampoo throughout the length of your hair. Rinse your hair with cold water and keep stroking your hair in the downward direction.

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