Pansari's 100% Pure Onion Oil

Pansari's 100% Pure Onion Oil (Roghan Piyaz)

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Onion Oil

Onion Oil is a great source of sulphur to stimulate hair follicles in helping promote healthy hair growth. Onion Oil is a proven Ayurvedic remedy to boost hair regrowth and prevent hair fall, ensuring healthy and thick hair. It is rich in sulfur which prevents breakage, split ends and thinning of hair. Onion Oil clears the scalp and makes it dandruff-free, thus facilitating a much healthier scalp. Onion Oil, being slightly pungent and able to fight infections also help with lice treatment, and will prevent infestation in future. It also maintains the regular pH of the hair, preventing premature greying.

Related to its antimicrobial properties, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, Onion Oil can also be used to treat skin disorders such as acne, eczema or even psoriasis. Onion Oil can kill off the bacteria and prevent these skin conditions from worsening. Onion Oil also brightens complexion, protects against harmful UV rays and free radicals, lightens up marks, scars, spots and blemishes because of the presence of the plant pigment known as Quercetin.

Say goodbye to the different high chemical content synthetic hair care products, for the onion oil which comes with innumerable benefits for the hairs. Onion oil is a proven remedy for hair-related issues. Being a rich source of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals can work absolute wonders in hair care. It comes with hair nourishing properties that help restrict hair fall while promoting sufficient hair growth. Using onion oil helps slow daily hair damage and is the secret behind getting fuller, thicker, and healthier hairs most quickly.


Here are some surprising benefits of the onion oil.


Strengthens Hair Follicles


Onion oil is rich in nutrients like Sulphur. It comes with deep nourishing benefits that help to strengthen hair follicles.


Promotes Fast Hair Growth 


Onion oil helps nourish the roots. It is helpful to maintain the scalp's pH and improve blood circulation, which acts as a great stimulant for hair growth.


Control Hair Loss


Onion oil is a rich source of antioxidants that help to produce the enzymes which restrict hair fall.


Reduce Split Ends


Due to Sulphur in onion oil, it can naturally treat split ends.


Natural Cure For Baldness

Not only does the onion oil help promote hair growth, but it can also work as a natural cure for baldness. 


Control Dandruff And Scalp Irritations


Onion oil has natural properties that have tendencies to heal irritated scalp conditions. This helps protect the scalp from day to day infections and also prevents dandruff.


Adds Shine


Onion oil helps to nourish the roots and revitalizes the scalp and hairs that helps improve the blood circulation in the scalp, It helps to add a healthy shine to the hairs effectively. 

Nourishes Skin

Onion oil is also beneficial for skin. Onion oil nourishes skin and makes skin soft and supple. 

Reduces Pigmentation

Onion oil is helpful to reduce pigmentation.

Treats Acne

Onion oil treats acne and reduces dark spots. Onion oil is a natural exfoliator. 


Protects From The Sun


Onion is a great source of flavonoids as well as antioxidant vitamins, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. All these help in protecting our skin cells from the damaging effects of the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun.

Combats Signs Of Aging


The antioxidant quercetin and certain sulfur-rich phytochemicals make onion oil a strong anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, it is quite effective in fighting against signs of aging.





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