Soap Pod Wattle

Soap Pod Wattle (Seekakai)

  • Scientific Name: Acacia Concinna
  • سکا کایی

  • It Prevents And Eliminates Dandruff
  • Strengthens Hair Roots
  • Treat Skin Related Diseases Like Scabies, Dry Skin
  • Soap Pod Nourishes Hair
  • Protects The Scalp From Fungal Infections
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Soap pod wattle is commonly known as Seekakai (سکا کایی) and scientifically it is known as Acacia Concinna. It has been used for a very long time as a cleanser for hair and body. It is called soap pod because its bark has saponins, which foam up when shaken in water, similar to soap. Sikakai is very high in vitamin C, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K, which act as antioxidants and are essential for healthy and rapid hair growth. The vitamins found in sikakai provide the hair follicles with the necessary micronutrients to help hair grow fast and healthy.It can be used as shampoo, face cleanser and body soap.

Benefits of Soap Pod Wattle:

  1. Soap pod has a very low pH levels, that won’t stripped natural oils of hairs.
  2. It works as a shampoo and detangler at the same time.
  3. It prevents and eliminates dandruff.
  4. Soap pod nourishes hair, making it grow faster and stronger.
  5. Strengthens and conditions hair.
  6. Keeps hair moisturized and shiny.
  7. Protects the scalp from fungal infections and even hair lice.
  8. Helps delay the appearance of gray hairs.
  9. Strengthens hair roots.
  10. Delays the appearance of wrinkles.
  11. It can treat skin related diseases like scabies, dry skin and regular use of sikakai on the skin can prevent further skin infections.

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