Vasaka (Barg-e-Aroosa)

  • Scientific Name: Adhtoda Vasica Nees
  • برگ اڑوسہ
  • برگ بانسہ

  • Treating Bleeding Gums
  • Treating a Wide Range Of Skin Illnesses
  • Treats Bleeding Piles As Well
  • Treating Asthma
  • Amazing For Its Natural Health Benefits
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Vasaka/Burg-e-Aroosa (برگ اڑوسہ, برگ بانسہ) also known as Adhtoda Vasica Nees, is amazing for its natural health benefits. It is found in India and it is broadly utilized as a part of ayurvedic arrangements. It is utilized as a part of treating asthma, bronchitis and overabundance mucous condition.

Its advantages incorporates:

Vasaka is very effective for treating all cold related problems, especially cough.

  1. It is exceptionally powerful in treating bleeding gums.
  2. Vasaka is cooling in nature and its juice can be utilized as a poultice for treating a wide range of skin illnesses as it is exceptionally mitigating.
  3. It is exceptionally powerful to treat bleeding piles as well.

Safety measures:

  1. Individuals with diabetes ought to utilize this pharmaceutical with care, since it diminishes glucose levels. Thus, the measurement should be adjusted determinedly.
  2. It is protected to use in kids above 1 year of age.
  3. It should be avoided in pregnancy. Can be used in lactation, under medical supervision.

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