Walnut Tree Bark

Walnut Tree Bark (Dandasa)

  • Scientific Name: Juglans Regia
  • دنداصہ

  • Expels Parasites
  • Promotes Healthy Skin
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps Protect Against Cancer
  • Holds Antifungal Activity
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Walnut tree bark/Dandasa (دنداصہ) is a tree bark produce from the walnut tree used for teeth whitening.

It has been used for thousands of years throughout the middle eastern countries to clean and whiten teeth before toothbrushes and toothpastes were invented.

It is also used as an alternative to the chemicals and additives present in most of the modern toothpastes, it keeps your teeth bright white and gums strong and healthy.

How To Use:

Pour a small quantity of powder onto the toothbrush and brush on teeth for around two minutes. Rinse mouth with warm water for healthy teeth.

Before using cover your lips with coconut or olive oil to prevent staining.


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